Everything about Mobile Application Deep Linking

Mobile application deep linking is the concept that relates to linking specific pages or locations with a mobile application. It can be used in several ways like notifications, permissions, email, SMS, social media etc. and connects users to relevant content.

Here are few types of interactions that allow users application deep linked with website pages

1. Application to application linking

2. Social Media to an application

3. Search result to an application

4. Mobile device search functionality to an application

5. E-mail to mobile an application

6. Text messages to an application

7. Website to an application and so on

Deferred Deep Link

This type of deep link will redirect users to any specific content if they have already installed the linked app else they will be redirected to the Google Play Store link.

Traditional Deep Link

It redirects users to a particular portion of your application through URI. It will function only if the application is installed, else it will show an error page.

Contextual Deep Link

This serves the functionalities of both the above types of deep linking and it also allows precise tracking and better relevancy to its users. This link passes data to an app through installation and allows personalized user experience, thus it is useful for both developers and users.

Benefits of Deep Linking

Offers Extensive User Engagement

Users are allowed to access content through deep links, without the navigation. Users can even link to any app directly from the webpage they viewed rather redirecting them to the home screen of your application. A seamless navigation bridge is been made between the webpage and the mobile application.

Offers Improved User Experience

It has been proved that users have experienced better engagement. Users who are linked deeply has shown a noticeable activation and retention rate and have visited the mobile application more than those users who were not linked.

Offers Re-engagement

Deep linking enhances usage metrics. Users who were deep linked showed double the activation rate, retention rate and visited the mobile application frequently as compared to the users who weren’t deep linked.

Enhances Application Discover ability

Google indexes app deep links and this is how app content can show up in popular search results. This increases the chances of your application to be searched easily by new users.

Task Execution

Once the service is booked and confirmed, serviceman visits your place to execute the service.

Insight Campaign Data

Deep linking can pass data and this is how you can check out the most effective campaigns and sources that can drive either downloads or users to your applications. Be it any data source, you will be able to check every source through deep linking.

The list of benefits does not end here, but there are a lot more. If you are willing to make your own application, bring your idea to us and leave the rest on our profound team and we ensure to offer a professional solution fetching data from every source through deep links.

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