Easy Life with Handyman Application “Hire a Worker” (HIWO)

Searching a handyman for any household job is a tedious task. If you are assigned an unqualified or inexperienced worker, he may ruin your day. They may not reach on time or may not complete the work on time.

What if an app can make your task simple? Sounds amazing, isn’t it? Introducing “Hire a Worker” app, which will let you forget all the pain you get while getting any of the tasks done. Be it carpentry, plumbing, fixing, servicing or any cleaning task, you can book the professionals from your smart phone and you can simply sit back and rest assured.

Benefits of Hire a Worker (HIWO) Application

It offers several benefits like time-saving, reliability, authenticity and more. Hire a Worker android application is a single solution that resolves multiple issues. This app is easily understood and simple to use, thus, all age group will be comfortable in booking any service.

Top 5 Features to Avail from “Hire a Worker” (HIWO)

Secured Login and Registration

We often think several times before sharing our contact details. But while registering with this app, the owners ensure your details are preserved safely. So, simply register yourself with this application and your personal details will remain leak-proof and secured.

List of Services

With “Hire a Worker” application (HIWO), you can avail from the huge range of services like carpentry, welding, civil, automobiles etc. Book any on-demand service and get your work done within the desired time. What else can be better than any tedious task that is done on a tap?

Live Tracking

Once the service is booked, you would be able to track the service provider LIVE. This feature lets you know the exact timing of the service man’s visit.

Choose the Best

Out of numerous profiles of qualified and well-experienced serviceman listed, you can choose them by considering their hourly rates and no of hours worked.

Schedule a service

Scheduling service is one of the best features of this exclusive mobile application. If you wish you leverage the services at any particular time, you can schedule the date and time and your work is done.

3 Steps to Book a Service

Search and Book a Service

An application user will be able to search services and book.The service provider receives the booking notification and confirms the task.

Task Execution

Once the service is booked and confirmed, serviceman visits your place to execute the service.

Task Completion

Once task completed service man change status to close and details saved to task history for future reference. Client can review and rate service man based on task completion.

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you are interested in building such an app, we’ll be happy to assist you and offer an ever professional business application.

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