Artificial Intelligence – Transforming Mobile Application Development

AI (Artificial intelligence) is the concept where machines are programmed to function as humans. Activities carried out with this new technology include speech recognition, thinking, planning and learning. It is expected to make your smartphones smarter than ever. Thus incorporating AI into mobile phone applications will simplify our lives.

Top 3 AI Aspects Empowering Mobile Application Development

Learning the Concept

While learning the concept of Artificial Intelligence there might be some codes that may work for a situation and some may not. But without making several attempts, no AI function can be executed. Only when the right AI solution is found, it is been executed within the mobile applications. Artificial intelligence technology has made modern day developers learn the newest technology and use the most out of it.

Need for the Invention

Earlier mobile devices were just machines used to perform commands. But, with the advent of AI technology, machines (mobile devices) are given the ability to enhance the interaction process. Modern mobile application developers tend to give a human touch to the machine interaction with appropriate assumption. Be it biometric phone unlocking or sensing trusted devices around, AI lets you avail excellent mobile application user experience.

Solving the Problem

When AI is integrated into mobile applications, mobile experience becomes highly reliable. Thus, many mobile app developers are now integrating problem solving aspect of AI just for its outstanding benefits. Perfect example of this aspect is multiplayer mobile games where system needs to take decision depending on the game situation.

5 Major Impact of AI Technology on Mobile Application Development Trend

Making Search Engines Better

With AI, a new method of search through voice, image and unlike text form is introduced. Thus, because of voice reorganization and image reorganization systems building mobile applications that are compatible with these technologies have become much crucial.

AI and Internet Supported Devices

AI allows all the internet supported devices to communicate with each other. It collects real-time data to process it in a way that all the appliances can function on their own through a dedicated app. Thus, mobile application development companies can avail the benefit of AI by executing the information received and transfer among other devices and respond accordingly.

Better Camera with better Detection

AI has made the cameras of smartphones smarter. Mobile device manufacturers have opted AI technology in making the camera detect the subject like places, things, etc. more precisely. Make some setting and you can try capturing best shots ever. With AI, smartphone camera can also identify facial features and brush it up for an amazing portrait image.

Understand every Language

It is now easy to understand every language with artificial intelligence. Just upload an image of the text written in any language and the mobile application will convert it into another language in real time. Such apps analyze the images uploaded and then it translates the text mentioned.

Unlocking Smartphone with Face Detector

Face unlock has become a new trend. Almost every smartphone brand has started implementing this technology into their latest devices. With the combination of hardware and AI system, a user’s face is identified to secure unlock.

AI is definitely a game changer technology. With hefty benefits, it will hit every smartphone app in the near future. We can help you with any of your AI requirements, contact us by any means and we ensure you a professional looking mobile app to boost your business

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