5 Useful Dating Application Features to make it a Big HIT

Developing a Tinder-like dating application is not at all a bad idea. Considering the popularity Tinder has received from its millions of download, mobile application development companies, who want to offer their customers even more than this, should check-out these endless possibilities and should surely give it a try.

From exclusive feature to outstanding profile filters, you should focus on every crucial area. We have included some of the features that today’s generation would love trying. Incorporating these features into your forthcoming dating application can make wonders.

Integrating Social Media Accounts

You might have seen in several apps these days that it asks you to sign up with Facebook, Google or create an account. With an aim to save the time, we often sign up with either Facebook or Google. Signing up with social media account allows the app to access all the details of your social media account.

If you incorporate this feature in the dating app that you are planning to build, you can automatically access all the information like birth date, hobbies, friends etc. By analyzing all the information about the user, your app can suggest similar profiles that he/she might be interested in. Connecting with their social media benefits to the user because real names and real pictures make your profile trustworthy and acceptable.

Customizing Search Filter

Majority of the dating mobile applications have incorporated a very basic search filter that you can search for a partner to date with very limited filter options, which might result in less compatibility between the two. You should add several search filters like search by location, age, hobbies, profession, type of ideal partner and so. Offering a customized search filter will allow them to search their partners precisely. They can get a huge amount of options to choose from.

Making the Compatibility Checks

There are several dating websites or application running successfully already. But what makes them different and reliable is the profile matching system they use. Some focus on personality matching, some focus on matching their hobbies or some apps simply show you some random suggestions. Thus, find out what your users will be interested in and your work is done. You can also ask some romantic preferences from your users to know their taste and liking and suggest them the matching profiles accordingly.

Letting your Users Chat Freely

Communication is the most important aspect of a romantic relationship. Thus, while dating also, users need to communicate with each other to know each other. If your user cannot easily start a conversation with the person he/she is interested in, he will simply leave and you will not want that. Allow unlimited free communication between the members and nothing can be better than communicating with the person right away. Let there be no word limits, no restrictions etc. You can add a filter like only if a person allows, another user can send the direct message to him/her start the communication.

Utmost Safety and Security

Dating is fascinating, but it may change the game completely if the users start using dating apps that is a having a security flaw. Thus, app makers need to take complete care of the security and safety feature to secure their users’ private details like image, name, address, phone number etc. Including some built-in security feature like allowing users to block someone, hide information etc. will let users trust the secure dating app.

We have hands on experience of Dating Application, so if you are planning to build a Tinder-like mobile application with some unique features, consult us. we will understand your requirements better and come up with a professional mobile application with phenomenal features and immense functionalities.

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